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Undertake Primary Research
The Fred Hollows, St Vincent's Health, Ronald McDonald House, Property Industry Foundation and West Gippsland Healthcare Group engaged OKPs research services to undertake qualitative and quantitative research to obtain real time data to confirm their position and actively map their future.
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Worldclass fundraising & marketing services provided to schools, universities, hospitals & charities.
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When you’re at the base of Mount Everest, the climb ahead looks monumental. Knowing your current situation gives you the edge you need to climb to the top. Engage OKP to review the effectiveness and fundraising performance efforts to give you the knowledge you need to climb forward.
Australia’s Girls’ School
Are breaking new ground!
St Catherine’s School and Kincoppal Rose Bay School draw on our capital campaign and philanthropic mentoring services to advance their vision and tackle emerging challenges.
Feasibility Studies | Campaign Management
Delivering best practice Feasibility Studies and Capital Campaign management services. Whether your goal is $1, $5m, $10, $20 or $50m partner us will get you a step ahead.
St Vincent’s Private Hospital Werribee
A major capital campaign was embarked upon. The project aimed to improve access to quality healthcare for the rapidly growing community.
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Philanthropy and Fundraising Consultants – Australia & New Zealand

Strategic Consulting | Philanthropic Services | Marketing & PR | Campaign Management

For over 35 years, OKP (known as OKP) have been providing fundraising, charity and philanthropic consulting services to hundreds of businesses and non-profits in Australia and New Zealand.

OKP are specialists in connecting organisations who want to raise money for philanthropic causes with potential sources of funds. We also provide a wider range of related services such as feasibility studies, leadership recruitment, employee training, skill development, etc.

Our expert team develop sustainable solutions associated with fundraising, empowering philanthropic stake holders and better positioning charitable organisations. In essence, we work closely with our clients to help drive their success, achieve their goals and deliver sustained improvements in performance.

With our Public Relations, Media and Marketing team concentrated on building popularity for your campaigns, you will not miss any bit of media attention. Our experienced team are known for developing innovative fundraising concepts and executing them meticulously. They will help you find 


new ways for increasing engagement, finding new sources of funding and coping with new challenges. They will also help you manage events and promotional activities.

OKP specialises in cost-effective but statistically sound research initiatives. This includes concept testing, pre-campaign planning, profiling and strategic development. Our prospect research wing uses focus groups and opinion polls to help understand the impact of the campaign and how to change it for better.

Our extensive experience in major donor and capital appeal fundraising has helped our clients to plan and deliver many successful capital and major gift campaigns. Community business partnerships, Corporate Social Responsibility and Cause related marketing are some of our key areas if expertise. Over the last 35+ years, OKP have planned and executed hundreds of successful campaigns and raised 500+ million dollars. Our services have also been engaged by governments and corporations with an interest in philanthropy. We provide you with innovative strategies from some of the industry’s brightest minds.

Our skill, attuned approach and wide range of services are highly valued by those looking to maximise their opportunities. Whether you want to establish a new initiative, make a bigger impact or simply raise more funds, OKP can help you realise it.

We work with:

  • The not-for-profit, health, arts, education and charity sectors
  • Corporations with an interest in charity, philanthropy and corporate social responsibility
  • Trustees and philanthropists

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OKP has been dedicated to advancing giving and philanthropy in Australia and New Zealand. We have worked with organisations, large and small, to develop practical and sustainable solutions tailored to their needs.


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