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Our experts at OKP predicted that 2015 would be the year of investment and it appears that they were spot on. There have been some key investment trends emerge this year that will significantly impact on the future of fundraising and philanthropy in Australia.

‘Gen Y’ are investing online (of course they are)
Our tech savvy ‘Gen Y’ friends are entering the share market at an earlier age due to the emergence of online broking. According to the Australian Shareholders Association, 28 per cent of 25-34 year olds now directly owning shares. Starting wealth building at an earlier age will see our Gen Y-ers retire with higher levels of disposable income. It will also see them learn about the value of investing, whether than be in wealth or affecting social change.

Investment Trends-smallCharities are #investing in digital
We are starting to see an increasing number of charities invest in making their operations more digital friendly. They are spending on digital strategies, social media engagement and search engine marketing (SEM) tools. A recent article published by NAB discussed the shift towards online fundraising through the digital channel. A charity reported to have doubled their acquisition through digital channels year on year. This investment in digital presents an innovative edge and a world of limitless opportunities.

Charities are investing in relationships
While most fundraisers acknowledge that it is more cost effective to keep a current donor, than acquire a new one, investment in relationship building has been traditionally focussed on short term renewal and repeat giving. However, recently we have noticed a shift towards longer term engagement strategies. Rather than working towards the next donation, organisations are working towards building productive partnerships with their supporters, particularly at the top tier of giving.

As fundraisers we spend much of our time considering how to make the best use of our limited time, resources and budgets. If you need some direction or a new perspective on investing in your organisation, project or new idea, why not give OKP a call on 1300 721 799.

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