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People Power Saves Brooklyn the Bulldog

This is a heart-warming story of how a community united to save the beloved dog of a local homeless man. The curious bulldog named Brooklyn found himself in a sticky situation after chasing a wombat into its burrow. He became trapped sparking an intense rescue mission costing in excess of $70,000.
Brooklyn’s owner Charlie Griffiths was distraught. The dog was the homeless man’s best friend and apart from the tent he lived in, one of his only possessions. For three days police and fire-fighters worked to free Brooklyn but the dog remained trapped and the rescue mission was reluctantly aborted. This is when the real magic happened

Thanks to the power of social media word got out about Brooklyn and Charlie’s plight. Locals flocked to the scene and pledged to keep digging through the night. After 8 hours of digging, their determination paid off and a slightly battered, but otherwise healthy Brooklyn was reunited with his owner. NSW Fire and Rescue Superintendent David Lewis said he had never seen anything like the operation for Brooklyn in his 26 years as a firefighter.

As fundraisers there are three key lessons we can learn from Brooklyn’s wombat burrow debacle…..

Three key lessons we can learn from Brooklyn’s wombat burrow debacle…

  1. The power of social media – This incredible story reminds us that social media is a powerful way to unite the right people at the right time. It is crucial to have the mechanisms in place to be able to seek urgent assistant via social media. As fundraisers we need to have a strategy to be able to connect with our volunteers, donors and fundraising partners on social media.
  2. The power of people – It is the strong-minded volunteers that enabled Brooklyn to be rescued when the experts aborted the operation. Never underestimate what can be achieved by passionate and determined volunteers who unite to achieve the same goal.
  3. The power of a good story – Brooklyn’s story warmed the hearts of the community and inspired these people to dig through the night and rescue Brooklyn. The community united to be a part of the story’s happy ending. As fundraisers we need to utilize effective storytelling as a powerful way to connect and inspire people to support the cause and be a part of something greater.

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