A Grassroots Perspective

Benefit From a Grassroots Perspective on Your Volunteer Program

West Australian based not-for-profit, Volunteer Task Force, is going from strength to strength thanks to the grass-roots perspective of its CEO Kath Snell.

Volunteer Task Force is a not for profit community service provider that works to empower people of limited financial, social and physical capacity to live independently in a safe and sustainable fashion.  Last year, 100 staff members and 560 volunteers assisted more than 5000 clients from across the Perth metro area.

The woman driving the success of Volunteer Task Force is Kath Snell, a volunteer turned CEO who is bringing a unique perspective to her role. As a former volunteer with the organisation, Kath understands the motivations and challenges of her workforce and the generosity of their contribution.

While not every CEO is able to benefit from first-hand experience as a volunteer, they can benefit from putting themselves in their volunteers shoes.  Today we bring you several tips as part of The Year of Perspective, for gaining a grass roots perspective on your volunteer program and organisation.

Listen to your volunteers – Ensure there are avenues for your volunteers to provide feedback, raise concerns and share their ideas.

Talk to your volunteers – Find opportunities to talk with volunteer’s one on one. Learn what inspires and motivates them. Find out what their passions and talents are and find ways to utilise these talents within the organisation.

Develop your volunteers – Offer opportunities for your volunteers to learn, develop their skill set and network.

A well-managed volunteer program will deliver multiple benefits to both the organisation and the volunteers.  Volunteering creates opportunities for people to be a part of something greater and create positive change. It enables organisations to break free from financial limitations and be bolder in their vision.

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