6 Million Reasons to be Happy

This week the contributions of 6 million Australian volunteers will be celebrated across the country during National Volunteer Week. That’s right, there are $6 million, generous, dedicated, community-minded people in this country working for the happiness of others and also for themselves.

The research and anecdotal evidence is undeniable – volunteering makes people happy. In our work at OKP we are fortunate to witness first-hand the special type of happiness that comes from helping others. This type of happiness is contagious and inspirational.  It encourages others to want to give two of the most precious and valuable commodities: time and service.

The 2016 State of Volunteering Report revealed that 93% of volunteers saw positive changes as a result of their volunteering.  One of those changes, was surprisingly, increased patience. Around 60% of volunteers reported becoming more patient since volunteering. So next time someone gives you a break in traffic, lets you in line or stops to give you directions….chances are that person volunteers. Volunteering is also somewhat addictive, with 99% of volunteers intending to continue volunteering into the future.

In the not-for-profit sector volunteers bring us valuable insights that shape the future of our charity. An estimated 67% of volunteering organisations states that volunteers bring new insights into their organisation. This was discussed in our recent blog “A Grassroots Perspective” which you can read here

It is no wonder the theme of the 2016 National Volunteer Week is Give Happy and Live Happy. Volunteer week is happening from the 9th-15th May. Make your way to Volunteering Australia to find out more information and learn how you can get involved.  You may also wish to make a social media pledge to volunteer and make Australia the happiest place on Earth.

Feeling inspired? Why not talk to OKP about establishing a volunteer program or more effectively engaging your volunteers? We have a wealth of experience and insight that will bring even more happiness to the charitable work you do. Give us a call on 1300 721 799 or you can email us at enquiries@okp.com.au

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