Healthy Habits for 2015

Banish the burnout with healthier habits

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, better health is by far the most popular theme. Most of us at some stage have vowed to exercise more, eat better or kick an unhealthy habit, but have you ever considered the need to have a healthier approach to work?

Burn-out is a big issue for workers in the third sector. Driven by passion for their cause they can give too much of themselves to the job and get trapped in a cycle of unhealthy work habits. To be effective, productive workers we need to ensure that we our brains and bodies are cared for and working to their best ability.

So for our first blog of 2015, the year of investment, we want to encourage you to invest in yourself and establish some healthy working -habits. Following these common sense guidelines will help give you the stamina you need to achieve your goals this year and remain focussed and productive as the months tick by.

1. Hydration is key. Staring at a computer screen all day, can make even the most tech savvy people’s head hurt. And a sore head affects our mood, concentration and productivity. Keep a bottle of water at arm’s reach, and make sure that you sip regularly throughout the day. Your brain and body will thank you.

2. Move! – Stretch your legs, even if it’s just around the block. Sitting down all day makes us lethargic and affects our energy levels. Make sure that you get up and have a wander every hour, even if it’s across the room to fill up your water bottle, or checking in with a co-worker down the hall instead of emailing. These little strolls away from your desk will help reset your brain and stop your legs from falling asleep under your desk.

3. Get some sun on your break. So many people eat their lunch in a dark break room, or even worse at their desk. But why not use your 30 minutes of freedom to go outside and bask in some delicious sunlight?! Leaving the office, even just for a short period allows you to get out of work mentality and relax and reset your brain even for a short time. Plus getting some Vitamin D will boost your immune system, and some studies have also found that Vitamin D can also play an important part in maintaining a healthy body weight.

4. Snack right. It can be so tempting to turn to chocolate for a mid-afternoon boost, but snacking on healthy options will benefit you so much more. Keep healthy snacks such as carrots, fruit or nuts at work, so when you are feeling peckish and needing an energy boost, you have a healthy option at hand. Plus studies have shown that eating vegetables make you appear better looking to others, which is an added bonus.

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