08 Mar 2016

The World’s Youngest Millionaires’

Alexandra Andersen, along with her sister Katharina are ranked in the 1,476th position, reserved for those richest in the world.

The billionaire sisters each own 42.2% of their family business, valued at $1.2 billion.

“Their fortune is all inherited, but it is remarkable that the three youngest billionaires on the list are all Norwegian,” Kerry Dolan, the assistant managing editor at Forbes told the Telegraph.

Their father, Johan H. Andersen, gave away 80% of his stakes to his two daughters, launching them onto Forbes’s billionaire list.

Analysts suspect that the inheritance was passed down so early for tax purposes, and to position the children to join the family business.

Alexandra’s family grew their fortunes in the tobacco industry, becoming the leading cigarette maker in Norway for over a century, according to Forbes.

They sold the tobacco company for $500 million in 2005.

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