Philanthropy & Government brought together in Australian first

A cross-sector event between charity leaders and members of parliament will take place this Wednesday 9th of September at Parliament House, Canberra.

More than 20 leading philanthropists and sector experts will meet with political leaders and policy makers to discuss collaboration between the sectors, investment for impact and policy ideas for the next boom in philanthropy.

The Hon Scott Morrison MP, the Minister for Social Services, will deliver a keynote on “Working with Philanthropy to Build Stronger Communities”, while Opposition Leader Bill Shorten MP will deliver keynote on “Labor’s Vision for Partnering with Philanthropy and Civil Society”.

“The philanthropic sector has the ability to be the powerhouse for the development of new initiatives and innovative solutions to the complex issues facing communities. Philanthropy can provide the ‘risk capital’ for change, and support new and innovative responses to emerging or entrenched challenges – especially when focussed on strategic areas and gaps where needs are clearly identified by evidence and research. Disparate and often opposing parties can be drawn together by philanthropy playing the essential role of a neutral facilitator to champion an issue” said acting CEO of Philanthropy Australia, Chris Wootton.

Details of the event can be viewed on the Philanthropy Australia website.

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