23 Feb 2016

One in Seven young people at risk of homelessness

A mission Australia report revealed that 13.5 per cent of 15 to 19 year olds faced the threat of homelessness.

The report stated that young Australians at risk had left the family home because they felt they had no alternative, with 85 per cent saying they had spent time away from home on more than one occasion over the past three years. About a quarter said they had left the family home more than ten times.

“These results indicate that a disturbing number of our young people are at risk of homelessness,” Mission Australia chief executive Catherine Yeomans said.

“Having to leave the family home because they felt they couldn’t go back – with some young people having to leave on multiple occasions and for months at a time – coupled with a background of poor family relationships, means that these young people are very vulnerable to homelessness.”

Young Australians who experience homelessness are more likely to suffer depression, alcohol and drug abuse, disrupted education and risky behaviour.

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