Million Dollar Australian donors on the rise

In the past four years, the list of $1 million+ donors in Australia has jumped from 100 up to 250, according to the prospect research company Fundraising Research & Consulting (FR&C).

The list features 190 who have donated over $1 million, 57 who have donated over $10 million, and 10 who have donated over $100 million.

Among the most generous in 2015 are Barry and Joy Lambert, who have gifted $33.7 million to the University of Sydney, and Judith Nelson, who has given $41 million to build a new performance space and gallery named ‘Phoenix’.

The list is largely made up of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), defined by the FR&C as those with more than US $1 million in investible assets, not including their main residence. There are an estimated 266,000 HNWIs in Australia, up from 219,000 last year.

The list can be accessed online at the FR&C Website.

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