Microsoft to give $1 Billion in Cloud giveaways over the next three years

Microsoft is planning to give away $1 billion in cloud services to non-for profits and university researchers over three years to reflect philanthropic trends in technology.

Satya Nadella, the Chief Executive made the announcement. at the World Economic’s Annual forum. Their aim is to make accessing information much easier for non-profits and researchers. Allowing them to be more versatile and agile.

The plan is intended to make it easier for nonprofits and researchers to gain access to the same cloud computing tools that have enabled business to become more nimble and tackle big technical challenges and increase digital divide.

“If we are not to be left facing a digital divide between those with access to rich data intelligence and those without, we must find ways to spread the benefits of cloud computing to all,” Nadella wrote.

Microsoft hopes to give away their cloud service to around 70,000 non profits.

“Our philosophy is that philanthropy, at its best, often combines doing well with doing good,” he said. “One of the defining characteristics of Microsoft in 2016 is the degree to which we’re a mission-driven company. We rely most fundamentally on products and the market to fulfill that mission.”

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