Is Corporate Social Responsibility rising or falling?

Non-profit leaders in Australia are saying that corporate giving is falling, but the reality might be the exact opposite.

68% of respondents in the annual Giving Trends survey believe that corporate giving is on the either steady or on the decline. Despite this, almost half of respondents to the same survey say that corporate sponsorship for their own organisation is steady or rising. So the question remains – is corporate giving a thing of the past, or is the best yet to come?

Salesforce Foundation’s Suzanne DiBianca believes the latter is true. “The promising thing about today’s CSR landscape is that it’s growing and it’s becoming a movement,” she said. “It’s moving away from the marketing department and entering HR. In Silicon Valley young graduates and employees are accepting jobs depending upon whether a company has a CSR initiative in place.”

“We’re seeing companies competing based on who has the best CSR strategy and who makes their employees feel good on a community service level,” she added. “It’s becoming core to corporate company culture and ultimately, that’s helping not-for-profits grow and achieve.”

This view is echoed by Arif Naqvi, founder and group chief executive of the Abraaj Group, who believes that corporate social responsibility is essential to a business’s survival. “It’s become crucial to a company’s ability to show that it has a right to exist,” Naqvi said in a recent interview with Forbes. “Sustainability for a business today is not a nice-to-do thing, it’s a have-to-do thing.”

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