Animal Shelters’ profit from Uber Puppies

After the success of Uber’s clothing ‘drive’ the company has once again entered the philanthropic market to perform social good.

Uber will be delivering puppies to the work place in support of Purina’s Pets at Work Mission and local animal shelters.

A ‘snuggle’ fee of $40 will be charged ­­­– both Uber and Purina will be making a donation to local animal shelters.

To have puppies delivered to your work you need to:

  1. Live in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth, Canberra, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast.
  2. Open your Uber app between 12pm-4pm
  3. Request Puppies
  4. Wait for them to arrive

Having a furry friend at work is proven to reduce stress, increase productivity and indicates a healthier work life balance.

“There are many researched health benefits to owning a pet. We know that pets help reduce stress by helping reduce blood pressure. They help people relax and boost immunity as kids grow up,” said Lal Meyer, the Business Manager of Purina.

“We’ve been in meetings with other divisions where conversations can become heated. As soon as a dog or cat walks in, they create a whole different atmosphere. It actually changes some conversations.”

So make sure you order Uber Puppies today, you may find yourself a new best friend.

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