2015 Female Entrepreneurship Index ranks Australia second in the world

The 2015 Female Entrepreneurship Index (FEI) by the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute have revealed globally, that female business owners are on average more educated than in 2014, with an increase of 9%. A 7% increase of Female Entrepreneurs aimed to grow their business by 50% and employ 10 people within 5 years.

The U.S, Australia and the U.K. were among the highest scoring on the index, with Denmark, the Netherlands and France following closely behind.

The clear correlation between countries with a greater level of economic freedom and gender equality, produce a much higher level of high potential female entrepreneurs.
”The Female Entrepreneurship Index is an excellent tool to benchmark countries’ entrepreneurial ecosystems for high potential female entrepreneurship,”  FEI Project Director Dr Dr. Siri Terjesen said.

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