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We’re looking for professionals who have the skills to revolutionise fundraising for the organisations that we partner with.
We hold hands-on experience in the highest regard, but academic qualifications are considered as well. Our portfolio of clients is diverse and expansive, so we require personnel with a broad range of skills. We have space to employ both ‘all-rounders’ or people with exceptional and focused skill sets.

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Blog Contributor

Our blog features well respected insights into the Third Sector and is curated by our professional copywriting team. If you have insights or opinions on anything relating to the third sector, contact us to apply as a Blog contributor today.

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Become An OKP Intern

If you’re looking to develop or grow your skills in the areas of fundraising, marketing, strategy or research then an internship with OKP may be right for you.

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Giving Trends Contributor

Our Giving Trends initiative has been tracking trends in the third sector for over 25 years. We rely on professional insights through our surveys, interactive forums and one-on-one interviews. By signing up to become a Giving Trends contributor, you will also be the first to receive research results and special investigation reports.

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Join Our Team FAQs

How do I apply?

Are contributor roles paid?

Please email with a current resume and cover letter detailing your professional experience. If a role is available that matches your skills and geographic location we will be in touch to arrange an interview.

Giving Trends and our Blog are services we provide to the third sector free of charge, and contributors work on a pro bono basis.

Meet Some Current Team Members
Julie Johnson
Managing Director

Julie Johnson has been with the firm for over 20 years. After completing her tertiary degree she commenced her career in sports sponsorship and management roles.Today, she is proud to lead and support ‘team OKP’ and share her extensive knowledge and experience.

Brian O’Keefe

Brian O’Keefe is an entrepreneur who has achieved international recognition since founding O’Keefe & Partners in the 1980′s. He was responsible for the birth of Giving Trends, a research initiative that continues to provide benchmark data and industry insights to professionals in the field.

Sara Bidois
Principal Consultant

Sara Bidois has a valuable skill-set drawn from a unique background in business development, fundraising, marketing and public relations. Prior to joining O’Keefe & Partners, Sara held roles with The Academy of Design, TMI Australia, Regional Radio Bureau, National Gallery of Victoria and the Media Entertainment Group.

Emmalee Bell
Principal Consultant

Emmalee Bell has more than a decade of leadership experience in sponsorship, direct marketing and philanthropy. From a background in the arts and cultural sectors, Emmalee is admired for her relationship building and communication skills as well as innovative-thinking and a head for strategy.



OKP has been dedicated to advancing giving and philanthropy in Australia and New Zealand. We have worked with organisations, large and small, to develop practical and sustainable solutions tailored to their needs.


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