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Last month, BRW published the inaugural BRW Women’s Rich list. The establishment of the list is not only an overdue acknowledgement of the rise of women in business; it also marks an exciting shift in the philanthropic landscape.

Women, who have long influenced philanthropic decision making in their families or workplaces are now achieving positions of power and levels of wealth that allow them to lead significant social change through their philanthropic support and leadership. To help you and gain insight into which sex is leading the way, we want to know more about what roles women fill in the not for profit, education, health, arts and cultural sector. Please take a few moments to answer this poll survey

Men and women have very different ways of communicating and processing information which can often render a “one size fits all” approach ineffective.

Are any of the women on the BRW Women’s Rich List giving to your organisation or on your radar?

The BRW publications and online resources are an excellent tool for prospect identification and research. It is important that as fundraising professionals that we keep abreast of trends in business and the impact it is having on our sector.

Fast Facts

  • Women are generous supporters of community causes
  • It is estimated that 40% of women volunteer in Australia
  • Women hold 12.3% of AXS 200 Directorships up from 8.4% in 2010


BRW March 07-13, 2013, Women of Substance article pages 20-23
AICD: Australian Institute of Company Directors
Giving Trends 2012

Posted April 2013

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