$20 billion gambled each year, yet we give less to charitable causes.

Australians gamble and lose almost $20 billion, yet give less to charitable causes. 

As the Melbourne Cup approaches, we can’t help but think about all of the money that will be gambled away without a thought, let alone the money that will be spent on outfits, hats, alcohol, catering and so on.Each year, Australians gamble and lose almost $20 billion, yet give less to charitable causes. Despite the threat of economic downturn, government reforms and the anti-gambling lobby, the gambling industry is thriving.

So what can our sector learn from the secret to their success?

1. They focus on the experience.   People continue to gamble because regardless of the outcome, the experience makes them feel good. Not For Profits (NFPs) need to pay far more attention to the donor experience and ensure every interaction with their organisation is designed to make the donor feel valued, informed and engaged.

2. They know that gambling is part of our culture. Just as people have been gambling since the beginning of time, people have been giving to charity.   The gambling industry keeps working to advance itself despite ups and downs in the economy, interest rates or unemployment and so should NFPs. A sound fundraising strategy will see you weather any storm.

3. They engage experts.  The gambling industry is supported by a range of experts who understand the industry inside out and have the specialist knowledge to engage the right audience, with the right message, at the right time. This is exactly what OKP does for the NFP industry. Backed by 25 years experience and a dedicated team of experts, we partner with charities, education institutions and the arts & cultural sector to identify key areas to increase and grow donations from known and perspective supporters.

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