Your International Women’s Day Gift

Happy International Women’s Day

In honour of International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, we are proud to release our most recent collaboration with Giving Trends, a special investigation titled A Glimpse Through the Glass Ceiling.

International Women’s Day is a global movement designed to celebrate the achievements of women and build awareness of the issues that are holding them back.  One of the key issues for women today is gender equality in the workforce.  Around the world, women are still struggling to match the achievements of men, particularly when it comes to salary and promotion to leadership positions.

A Glimpse Through the Glass Ceiling shines a light on the issue of gender equality in the third sector and explores the extent to which the infamous glass ceiling impacts our industry’s female leaders.

Whether you are male or female, A Glimpse Through the Glass Ceiling is a fascinating read that might challenge your ideas and experiences.

To download your free copy, please click here to download.

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