Go Out With A Bang

Two Hot Tips For Ending 2014 With a Bang

It has been suggested that the average non-profit organisation receives more than half of its annual donations in the last quarter of the year – putting us right in the middle of crunch time

Whether you have already reached your income targets for 2014, are heading into the home stretch or still have a long way to go, these hot tips can help you work some magic and end the year on a high-note.

Think outside the box

During the busy Christmas period one of the most difficult things to do is stand out from the fundraising pack. No doubt your donor’s inboxes and mailboxes are overflowing with carefully crafted ‘asks’ from organisations of all shapes and sizes. While it can be tempting to stick with the status quo and run your standard end of year direct mail appeal, why not inject some life into your end of year campaigns and push your fundraising income from ‘predictable’ to ‘outstanding’. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination and experiment a little. For example, this year you could encourage supporters to share their donations – maybe with a photo, hashtag or link to your page – on social media to inspire generosity in others. Brainstorming among team members, even those who don’t work in fundraising, can yield some truly out-of-the-box ideas and even serve as a fantastic team building exercise when facilitate well. Even if you direct mail appeal has already hit mail boxes (or email boxes), think about some clever ways to remind your supporters donate. Booster mailings and follow-up phone calls are just two ideas that might help invigorate a lagging direct mail appeal.

Genuine gestures are key

New ideas don’t need to be grand or expensive – just genuine and engaging. Remember that your interactions with donors in this busy time can also effect on how they feel about your organisation in the coming year. Clever engagement now can mean your 2015 fundraising is a step ahead of the rest – making your job easier next year when you do your ‘big ask’ again. Helping people feel truly a part of your organisation will ensure they’re dedicated to your cause for years to come. Brainstorm some new ways of thanking donors or better informing them of the outcome of their support. Consider utilising your enthusiastic volunteers, who not only love helping out but also enjoy talking about your cause and why they themselves are supporters – volunteers thanking donors can be a very powerful thing.

There is still plenty of time to run a strong campaign to close 2014, and remember, help is only a phone call away! Contact Julie Johnson now on 1300 721 799 or juliejohnson@okp.com.au

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