EOFY Donation Boost

3 Tips for Securing Last Minute EOFY Donations

We might be on the final countdown to the end of financial year, but it is never too late to make the extra effort to boost your fundraising.  Here are our three top tips for attracting last minute donations before the 30th of June.

  1. Pick up the phone Р Focus on high-level or regular donors who have previously given prior to the EOFY and be prepared to take a donation over the phone.  Be upfront about the reason for your call and gracious if they do not wish to donate.  As well as attracting last minute support, this exercise can give you valuable feedback on your fundraising efforts and help connect personally with your donors.
  2. Use social media Р If your organisation has a social media presence, make sure you both remind and motivate supporters to donate. There will be a lot of messages about donating out there, so make sure yours stands out and gives people a compelling reason to act quickly.blog-item-25June15
  3. Ask your staff Р There is no-one more aware of your organisation’s good work than the people who are engaged in doing it. Your staff are a captive and passionate audience who may surprise you with their generosity.  Having staff donations matched by the CEO or Board is an excellent way of encouraging support and building a culture of giving from within the organisation.

While the majority of your donations will come in before the 30th of June, it is important to remember that not all your donors will be motivated by a tax deduction.  As long as you have an active appeal or fundraising initiative, you should be constantly monitoring performance, reviewing strategy and looking for opportunities to maximise support.

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