Are you aware enough?

Fundraising program management is demanding

In today’s fast paced working environment, becoming so absorbed in the everyday demands of your job that you lose sight of the bigger picture is a real danger.  It might not seem like a big deal, but there are a number of important reasons why you should allocate time to broadening your awareness.

Having a good understanding of the internal and external environment in which you operate, helps you to analyse challenges, identify opportunities, and make better decisions.  It provides the opportunity to anticipate change and adapt your strategy accordingly; making you a more confident and resilient.

There are lots of things you can do to help broaden your awareness.  My top three suggestions would be to….

Talk – Take every opportunity to talk with your internal and external stakeholders. Go to networking events and conferences where you can have conversations with people working in similar circumstances.

Walk – Every now and again, walk around your office or conduct a site visit. It is amazing what you can learn by getting closer to the action.

Read – Spend a little bit of time each day reading fundraising news, relevant reports, blogs, or newsletters that you subscribe to. Social media outlets are a great way to source news and information and determine what is sparking public interest.

While it can be hard to justify spending the time to do these things when you have work piling up and deadlines looming, it is worth the investment of your time.  Having greater awareness will help make you more decisive and sharpen your instincts, leading to greater efficiency and resilience in the long term.

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