Fundraising – Skill Shortage Slowing You Down?

8 Tips To Get Ahead

The giving pool has never been bigger.
Nor more selective. Nor more demanding.

When looking at the big picture of your organisation, make sure the most important factor isn’t overlooked: people who make it work! 

Knowing how to implement the right mix of fundraising tools is just one of the keys to philanthropic and marketing success.

The first step on the road to maximise your efforts is to put those tools and your challenges into the hands of the right people: people with vision, motivation, expertise and determination.

For many organisations finding suitably qualified candidates with the right mindset is often the root of the problem. Whilst for others retaining staff is the problem. If this resonates with you then we have 8 tips to help you find direction. 

8 Tips

  1. Determine whether you need pioneers or settlers on your team!
  2. Appropriately induct and welcome new staff on-board.
  3. Set out expectations and diligence requirements early on.
  4. Refresh your fundraising, marketing and donor development plans before the arrival of your new  staff.
  5. Audit your staff skill sets and capabilities against your fundraising mix. Find the gaps.
  6. Look for opportunities to upskill and diversify the capabilities of existing staff.
  7. Include a philanthropic coaching session in your staff induction process.
  8. Engage professional services to temporarily fill vacant roles. This keeps your business moving forward. Risk is associated with long term position vacancies.

In response to the skills shortage in the community sector, our firm offers a range of services to support, resource, and challenge organisations by either:

  • Seconding personnel to assume responsibility (either on a permanent or temporary basis) for the following functions: fundraising, marketing, event management, PR and communications.
  • Fulfilling parental leave and long service leave positions.
  • Undertaking an audit and review of the fundraising and marketing efforts before the preferred candidate is inducted into the role.
  • Preparing a strategy which in turn can be utilised to induct and retain the preferred candidate.

When appointed to fulfil these needs our assigned personnel embraces your vision, values, position description requirements and works in keeping with your organisation objectives and funding needs.

Fundraising is one of the most challenging & rewarding fields of endeavours.

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Congratulations to
Leukaemia Australia on its Capital Campaign success.

Getting a head start
with an OKP Fundraising Feasibility Study

Celebrating 20 years
of lifelong commitment
to homeless youth.

Team OKP is delighted
to be working with the innovative & inspirational Property Industry Foundation.

St Catherine’s School
reaches $3m.

Focus now turns to
engaging the wider school community with expanded giving opportunities.

St Columbans Mission
Society has nearly
doubled its mid-year
appeal income thanks
to a more strategic
approach and guidance
from OKP.

The Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation
is opening doors for disadvantaged young women with a new case for support developed by OKP.

Congratulations to Lorne Community Hospital on the $70,000 appeal donation it received from the Victorian Government to support bushfire recovery.

Chevalier College breaks new ground by engaging 349 current and past stakeholders in a Fundraising
Feasibility Study.

In partnership with the Foundation,
OKP has established a solid
foundation for future success

Congratulations to the Macedon Range Health team for their award winning year which they nicely complimented with some fundraising advancement initiatives.

Team OKP admires
Allowah Presbyterian Children's Hospital’s
future income development vision which encompasses engagement, diversity, growth and sustainability.

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