Greater Resilience: Step 1

Giving Trends Data helps Audit your Fundraising

Organisational resilience isn’t just about bouncing back from a challenge, it is also about anticipating the challenges ahead and having time to prepare for them.  Therefore, one of the most valuable things you do when looking to build resilience is to do a challenge audit.

 You can do this exercise individually or as a team, you may even wish to involve donors or other key stakeholders.  Simply grab a bit of paper, set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes and write down all of the challenges you can think of.  Then take some time to review and prioritise the list until you have narrowed it down to three key challenges that are highly likely to have an impact on your success and need to be addressed.

According to recent Giving Trends data, the top 5 challenges influencing fundraising in the third sector are:

  1. Donor acquisition
  2. Cost of fundraising
  3. Donor retention
  4. Low database numbers
  5. Lack of financial resources

Other common challenges in the third sector include organisational leadership and leadership engagement, skills shortage and a lack of a strategic plan.

If you are having trouble identifying your challenges or how to overcome them, your organisation may be benefit from a Fundraising Audit & Review.  The Fundraising Audit & Review is one of OKP’s most popular services and it used by organisations wanting to maximise their opportunities, build capacity for the future and become more resilient.   A Fundraising Audit will not only help you address key organisational challenges, it can also result in increased income, greater efficiency, and stronger relationships with internal and external stake holders.

If you would like to learn more about how the Giving Trends data can help you conduct a Fundraising Audit, or any other services provided by OKP,, please call us on 1300 721 799 or email


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