Fundraising Post GFC

Fundraising In a Post GFC World

Australia emerged from the explosion that was the global financial crises extraordinarily unscathed in comparison to many other nations around the world. It was seen as a lucky escape for the organisations and groups that rely on the generous donations of others to survive.

However the recent federal budget and a global economy still under post GFC stress, would suggest that we’re not yet out of the woods.

As would the not for profit leaders who responded to OKP’s most recent Giving Trends survey. In our soon to be released Giving Trends report, the GFC and economy are still top of the list of challenges impacting the giving environment in Australia.

Increasing competitiveness in the not for profit sector is likely to foster a fundraising evolution. Emerging from the murky waters of the changing socio-political circumstances, organisations and groups dependent on donations will be required to improve their effectiveness and efficiency without reducing outcomes.

When discussions of efficiency commence there is often an uncomfortable shifting
of bums on seats, but jobs are not the question, time is. Maximising time means organisations need to capitalise on existing strengths, develop potential areas for expansion and overcomes areas of weakness.

As technology and data expand the areas open to fundraising, significant opportunities exist for organisations within a variety of sectors to occupy emerging spaces before others.
Social media fundraising is one such example. Whilst many organisations are already present in this space, few are doing it effectively or fulfilling their creative potential. Social media can be a difficult nut to crack, but with the right knowledge and expertise organisations are able to develop cost and time effective programs that have potential to raise exciting levels of revenue.

Australia was recently ranked the 7th most generous nation on the planet, 6 places lower than 3 years ago. We’re generous people, but perceived and tangible employment and income challenges are impacting our generosity. As the pool of funds decreases the fundraising space will become increasingly competitive. Organisations that stand up and stand out have the potential to excel and cement their ongoing growth and success.

OKP have the knowledge and experience to help your organisation maintain its competitive edge and thrive in the post GFC world. For an obligation-free chat about how OKP can help secure the financial future of your organisation, please call 1300 721 199 or email

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