The Art of Authenticity

Mastering the Art of Authenticity

For organisations in the not for profit sector, achieving authenticity is absolutely essential to attracting support for your cause. Authenticity is what makes people feel like they know you, like you, trust you and most importantly want to help you. Authenticity is a magnetic force that will draw supporters in, when it is present, and drive them away when it is not.

In preparation for the launch of OKP’s new Facebook page, I have been reading “Tweet Naked” by Social media marketer Scott Levy. The book is essentially about mastering the art of authenticity and contains some valuable insights, not just for organisations establishing a social media presence but for any organisation looking to connect and engage.

To demonstrate the power of “authenticity”, Scott Levy points to the phenomenal rise of
reality television. Reality programs consistently sit at the top of the ratings chart because
as a society we are drawn to real stories of love, life and loss, of struggle and sacrifice and triumph over adversity. We want to become invested in the stories we watch and feel like we are part of the journey.

The nature of our work in the not for profit sector produces a never-ending supply of “real” stories, we just need to get better at telling them. To master the art of authenticity, not for profit organisations should focus on.…

  • Using real people and real stories in their communications
  • Telling it like it is and stop glossing over the hard bits
  • Being transparent and honest
  • Showing the successes and the works still in progress

Achieving authenticity will not only help attract people to your cause, it will also strengthen relationships with existing supporters. The more invested people are in your cause, the more connected they will feel and the more likely they will stick around to see your ultimate vision achieved.

PS: Click here for a sneak peek at OKP’s new Facebook page

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