Motivation Matters

How to work out what motivates your supporters

Being able to identify motivations is an exceptionally valuable skill that is integral to the success of any community engagement, fundraising or volunteer recruitment project.

Understanding what motivates your supporters, or would-be supporters, to take certain actions will enable you to engage with them on their level and speak to them in a language they both understand and respond to. It will also help you to focus your efforts on the people who are most likely to support a specific campaign, project or initiative.

The best place to start when determining motivations
is a simple process of self-examination; why are we, ourselves, compelled to behave in a certain way,
what motivates us to choose a specific course of action over another? If you are not the target audience, you then need to ask yourself “in what ways are our supporters different to me and how would that change their reactions?”

To be most effective, however, you will need to more closely examine your supporters. Unravelling demographics, geographical location and economic indicators will provide a clearer picture of your supporters. Combine that with simple Google research, conversations and analysis and you will begin to get a deeper understanding of their motivations.

A range of structural factors also influence our decision-making and shape our motivation. Reducing your target audience to smaller groupings based on economic prosperity, age, gender and faith (et cetera) will enable you to more effectively target supporters for your projects and initiatives. Whilst resources may limit your ability to provide specific messaging to all target audiences, the benefits of an improved understanding of your supporters will allow you to engage more effectively and lead to greater results.

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