Education: A Rising Cause

Access to education has always been seen as important, however in recent times we have seen the issue gain more prominence with rising public awareness and support.

Recently, Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani teenager whose espousal of education led to her being shot in an assassination attempt, won the Liberty award for her fight to provide everyone with a chance to gain an education. These events led directly to an Education Bill being passed in Pakistan allowing access to education for many that had previously been denied, primarily females.

The issue of Global illiteracy has also been gaining more attention. With an estimated 775 million adults being unable to read, UNESCO has made a pledge to halve that rate by 2015.

Closer to home however there have also been a range of developments. More and more people in Australia are finding their paths through education. People of all ages are seeking to develop their skills and turning to the opportunities that higher education can offer them.

Since 2006 there has been an increase of 25% in mature aged students enrolling in universities – as statistic that is not surprising given that Australia has 7 universities in the top 100 ranked universities worldwide. With some of the best universities at their doorstop, many people are reaping in the benefits of a world class education.

Fundraising has an important role to play in improving access to education and adult literacy and raising awareness for these important issues. However, as a cause, education brings a very unique set of challenges and opportunities. That is why OKPand Partners has been working to develop specialist resources for non for profits and educational institutions fundraising in this space.

We have been working with a growing number of schools and universities on developing and expanding their fundraising programs and wanted to be able to feed their thirst for knowledge and understanding of their donor markets.

There are a number of opportunities coming up, including International Literacy Day on the 8th of September, which provide the chance for education fundraisers to promote their cause and raise awareness for the important issues of literacy and education. If you need help exploring these opportunities, please call us on 1300 721 199 or email

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