Educate Plus Conference Report

OKP reports from inside the 2014 Educate Plus Conference

At the start of September the biannual Educate Plus conference was held at the Crown Conference Centre in Melbourne. Delegates from around the country and as far as New Zealand convened in Melbourne for a week of discussion regarding the education sector. As a sponsor, OKP had the opportunity to be a fly on the wall at this fascinating event.

Presentations focussed on a wide range of topics including admissions, alumni and community relations, fundraising and marketing & communications. Despite these varying topics, there was one theme that came through in nearly every panel, presentation or workshop – the theme of engagement.

It was brought up time and time again, by presenters’ from across not only differing fields, but different countries and completely different industries. But each presenters spoke with reverence about this vital part of building education relations.

Keynote speaker, Olympic Gold medallist, Duncan Armstrong spoke about the notion that you can’t join a team you have to make it. Armstrong had the audience in the palm of his hands as he regaled stories of his career an Australian champion, but throughout he reinforced the message that to succeed one must reach out to others.

When it came to the topic of fundraising, there were a couple of key messages;

  • Giving should not be considered a linear path. Instead we should view it as a cyclical. Therefore donor recognition and ongoing stewardship is imperative to building a fundraising base that can be utilised in the future.
  • Researching your giving environment and community is a necessary step on the path to success.

  • Focusing on certain niches of a community can allow you to streamline your operations and reach your goals sooner.

  • Building relationships with donors requires genuine engagement. It is important to get to know donors on a personal level and interact with them in a way that shows you value them and can help them achieve their personal goals through their support.

When it came to the topic of fundraising, there were a couple of key messages;

Attending an event like the Educate Plus Conference can leave you inspired and motivated, but it can also leave you confused and unsure about how to move forward. If you need some help determining your next steps, please give us a call on 1300 721 799 for a confidential chat or email

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