The Power of Pictures

People are innately visual beings and we always have been. Cave men were drawing pictures before modern language was formed. When it comes to fundraising, it really is true that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Images enable people to see the value and impact of their contribution. Images allow people to put a face to the name and form a human connection to your story. By using different types of compelling visuals when telling your charity’s story it will inspire people and in turn increase engagement both online and offline.

In the online world images will increase engagement by 313%. Remember images do not always have to be still, they can move too. Stir some GIF’s and Videos into the mix. When using videos remember those first few seconds are crucial. To optimise brand recall ensure you include your charities brand within the first 3 seconds of the video.

Facebook posts with images attract 70% more shares. This means by simply including an image you increase your chance for your message shared with other people by 70%! This statistics proves the power images can have in propelling your fundraising message online.

People are busy and you can get a message across quickly with just one single image. The images are working for you while you can get on with the other components of your fundraising.

Offline an image can capture people’s attention while walking to work or waiting at the traffic lights.  When it comes to direct mail, the right picture will help ensure your appeal is read and the recipient is motivated to respond.

Of course whether it is online or offline it needs to be the right image. The image must align with your story and your brand. We encourage you to think about images that you are drawn to and question why. What images have spoken to you and what did the images say? Is it the images of children, women, puppies or cats that captivate you the most?  When selecting images keep in mind that an image of one person is more effective than images of groups of people, as are images where the subject is looking into the camera. You want your audience to feel a connection and have an emotional response to what they are seeing.

OKP reminds you to remember the power of images and see how visuals can enhance fundraising. Here are some tips to remember when integrating visuals in different components of your fundraising;

  • When posting on social media remember that image rich media creates 313% more engagement. This includes images, GIFS and videos.
  • Include an image in your next facebook post. Facebook posts with images receive 70% more shares.
  • Explore different types of visuals including videos. YouTube has over 100 million users every week.
  • To optimise brand recall ensure you include your charities brand within the first 3 seconds of the video.

Lastly, don’t forget that team OKP are only ever a phone call away and happy to talk to you about cave men, cat pictures, social media engagement and anything else philanthropy related that may be on your mind. Contact us on 1300 721 799 or email



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