Big Little Givers

According to a recent study conducted by The School of Philanthropy in the United States, around 90% of American children give to charity.

The study into children’s giving behaviour revealed that little people are big givers despite their limited or nonexistent income. The kids are rising above the pressures of homework, sports carnivals and timetables to empty out their piggy banks for those who need it more.

The ‘Women Give’ study by the School of Philanthropy provides compelling evidence that parents play a crucial role in preparing their children to become charitable adults. The research shows that a simple talk has a greater impact on children’s giving behaviour than role modelling. Parents who talk to their children about giving significantly increases the likelihood that their children will donate.

While boys and girls are equally likely to give to Charity, it is the girls who are more likely to roll up their sleeves and volunteer. Here is what else the study reveals about the children’s giving behaviour;

  • Children whose parents talk to them about giving are 20 percent more likely to give than those whose parents don’t.
  • 9 out of 10 children do have parents who talk to them about giving to charities and similarly;
  • Nearly 9 out of 10 children, 8 to 19, give to charity.
  • The analysis indicates that there is no statistically significant relationship between family income and whether parents talk to their children about giving. Although the lower income parents are slightly less regular in their talking to children about giving.
  • 8 out of ten children have parents who give to charity.

While the culture of philanthropy is somewhat different in the US, the take-home message is equally relevant in Australia – good things happen when we talk about giving. We need to encourage conversations about philanthropy, including why, how, and when we give. It is important that younger generations understand why giving is important and how it can help them to make a positive impact on the world.


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