The New Capital Campaign

Has a Proven Performer Started to Wane?

Capital Campaigns have been at the core of the fundraising mix for many years now and it’s not hard to see why.  Capital campaigns make charitable dreams come true, raising serious money for a specific cause in a finite time frame.

However, in recent years we have seen the popularity of Capital Campaigns start to wane.
So, the time has come to give this old fundraising favourite a fresh new look.

The New Capital Campaign will be characterized by;

1. An Integrated Communication Strategy

Communicating your case for support through the media alone has become outdated and ineffective.  The most successful Capital Campaigns will be underpinned by a fully integrated, donor-focussed, multi-channel communication strategy.  This approach will ensure you understand your donors communication preferences and can leverage opportunities to convey your story in a meaningful way.

2. Effective Use of Technology

New technologies and digital channels have provided a plethora of new opportunities for donor cultivation, solicitation, and recognition.   However only those organisations who use technology as part of an integrated strategy and assign a budget and resources will gain leverage from this activity.

3. Transformational Relationships

In the New Capital Campaign emphasis will move from a transactional relationship between the organisation and the donor to a transformational one where donors become involved and invested in your cause. This will ensure your Capital Campaign becomes an episodic event in a long-term relationship rather than a one-time charitable contribution.

4. The Rise of the Mid-level Donor

Traditionally, those with the greatest philanthropic capacity to give received the highest cultivation and solicitation priority at the launch of any campaign.  However organisations are beginning to recognise the hidden potential in their mid-level donors. In order to cultivate mid-level donors organisations will need to design modular projects that provide opportunities to invest at different levels.

If acquiring or building a facility, undertaking capital works, establishing an endowment fund to underpin future growth or to funding a one-off major program is on your organisations wish list, OKP can help ensure you approach your campaign with emerging trends and industry best practice in mind. For more information please contact us on 1300 721 199.

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