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St Catherine’s School Waverley is a school for girls in Sydney with a long history and excellent reputation. In 2012, St Catherine’s joined forces with OKP to create a capital campaign focussed on raising $5 million towards the construction of a new multipurpose facility to meet the changing needs of education.

With OKP’s extensive capital campaign experience, tailored strategy and ongoing guidance, and their own expertise, St Catherine’s has created strong foundations for their campaign and experienced early success. So far, they have raised in excess of $3.6 million and are on track to reach their target before completion of the research, performing art and aquatic centre, known as RPAC.

In order to maintain momentum and engage a broader audience for the campaign, OKP and St Catherine’s felt that the time had come to shift focus from personal approaches to engaging the wider school community.

As part of the new public phase of the project, the decision was made to trial an online engagement initiative. While it was unchartered territory for St Catherine’s, they recognised it was a risk worth taking in order to reach their campaign goals.

The online strategy proposed by OKP was designed to integrate with existing fundraising activity and be easily managed in house. Given it was a pilot initiative, it was important to St Catherine’s to be able to track response in real time and alter their approach if necessary.

The online campaign was centred around an email (eDM) sent to various groups within the school community. The content, created by OKP, tapped into the known motivations of prospective supporters by inviting them to make their mark on the school and the future of its students.

The eDM was supported by online advertising, social media (Facebook and Twitter) and content for the school’s week eNews. One of the key pieces of content developed was an engaging, information video featuring the school’s Headmistress, Julie Townsend. Click here to view the video.

In addition to the online activity, pull-up banners and a campaign brochure were developed for display around the school. The brochure was also used to reach prospective supporters who had not provided an email address.

St Catherine’s have been very pleased with the response from the school community, particularly from people who had not previously given to the campaign or to the school. Notably, a donation of $10,000 was received from a family who were inspired to give in honour of the outstanding education and care their daughter had received from the school.

“Working with OKP since 2012 has really helped me keep on target
with this campaign – in the busyness of my role at the school having
solid direction and support has really made all the difference and in
particular to the execution of this online campaign.  I have really
appreciated their input and advice and I look forward to an ongoing,
collaborative and effective long term working relationship with OKP.”
Marilyn Rickard, Head of Community Relations, St Catherine’s School

For more information about the RPAC campaign, please visit

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