What Can a Bulling Victim Teach You About Fundraising Success?

Meet Bethany Mota, a teenager from California who began her YouTube channel to escape the stress of bullying. She now has 8 million followers from around the world (yes that’s even more followers than Lady Gaga) and was recently invited to meet with Barack Obama at the Whitehouse.

So what’s Bethany Mota’s secret? She is not a famous pop star, athlete or actor (…..yet). She is merely a relatable young woman who makes videos about the things she loves. Bethany uploads videos of fashion tips, makeup and hair tutorials, recipes, and do-it-yourself ideas. She maintains

a close relationship with her fans and has been on multiple tours, which she calls her “motavatours” to meet and interact with the people she inspires.

Bethany’s popularity and entrepreneurship in the digital space has garnered notice from a number of top influencers, including TIME magazine where she was named as one of the most influential teens in 2014. When Bethany is not making videos or meeting the president she is appearing on TV shows, competing on dancing with the stars, launching a clothing and perfume label AND….giving talks about anti-bullying – the whole reason she began her rise to internet fame.

Bethany’s story is an inspiration to those of us working in the third sector. It reminds us of the importance of being relatable, genuine and maintaining a strong connection with our followers. It also demonstrates the incredible impact social media can have when it comes to raising awareness and gaining support for key issues.

If you would like to harness a bit of Bethany’s magic for your cause, OKP can help you grow your online presence, gain more followers and create stronger, more lasting connections. Why not give us a call and see if we can make you more popular than Lady Gaga!

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