Weather the Covid-19 Storm

While the Covid-19 health crisis is unprecedented, major challenges altering the fundraising landscape are not. With over 35 years in business, our firm has supported clients though a number of economic, social and natural disasters. While the challenges have been different, and the impacts varied, the key to survival is always the same – concentrating efforts on two things – people and programs.

Regardless of the economic climate, investing in people always reaps rewards. Organisations that focus on donor engagement and relationship building are able to maintain donor loyalty and position themselves for future growth.  One of the most effective tools for engaging donors is a fundraising Case for Support.  Click here to read our top tips for creating a successful case.

When it comes to fundraising programs the wisest course of action is to play it safe and invest time and money into the programs that contribute the most income. Experience tells us this is most likely to be direct mail, capital campaigns, major gifts and online giving. The most effective way to determine where to invest your time and money is through an Audit and Review.  Click here to read more about the Audit and Review process.

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