Take working from home to a new level

Are you getting a little bored working from home, or finding you have more time on your hands?  Why not try one of these ideas to mix things up and get new ideas flowing. 

1. Expand your mind – Read a fundraising book or blog, listen to a podcast, sign up for a webinar or research a fundraising topic outside your area of expertise.

2. Get Googling – Google your cause and find out how easy or hard it is to find information on your organisation.  Then Google your organisation and explore what comes up (is it the image you wish to portray?).  Finally Google your competitors and find out who is positioning themselves the best.

3. Create an image bank –  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but too often fundraising images are an afterthought.  Spending some time curating photos on file, purchasing appropriate images through image libraries such as Shutterstock and iStock or even commissioning photography will ensure you have easy access to a bank of powerful and engaging images which will enhance communication efforts.

4. Try some role play –  Engaging prospective donors in conversation, either in person or over the phone, can be a source of great anxiety.  Role playing these interactions with members of your team is a great way to reduce the fear and refine your verbal case for support.

5. Plan a surprise –  Organise something to show your donors or colleagues how much you value their support and contribution.

6. Participate in an isolation challenge –  There are numerous fun activities being promoted through social media.  Check out the Trick Shot challenge, Bin Isolation Outing, Formal Friday, the Getty Museum Art Recreation challenge or get on board the TikTok craze.

And a bonus one…Look beyond lockdown –  Start planning something exciting to do when isolation is over.  Think both professionally (eg.an open day or thank you event for donors) and personally (a holiday, dinner party or endurance event).

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