Small Charities – Big Impact

Australia’s smallest charities make up more than a third of the charity sector. Often these small charities are volunteer driven and deliver a niche service to the community, creating an lasting impact.

Today, we shine the light on the small charities that create big social impact. There are 19,000 thousand extra small charities in Australia, that is charities with annual income under $50,000. These charities often engage the local community to solve problems, frequently fostering inclusion and creating safe spaces.

Here are some little big stats about Australia’s small charities;

  • Extra small charities account for 37% of charities in Australia
  • Four out of five extra small charities engage no paid staff
  • In 2015 more than 400,000 people donated their time and expertise to extra small charities in Australia
  • The most common activity for extra small charities is religion
  • Other popular activities among small charities include, social services, culture and recreation
  • Extra small charities reported a combined income of over $300 million in 2015, and held assets worth over $5 billion

(Source: Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission)

Small charities also face big challenges, particularly a lack of resources and time required to effectively plan into the future. They often rely solely on the generosity and support of volunteers in order to achieve their goals. Many of these charities do not have the resources to establish a clearly defined fundraising strategy – the key to achieving results and maximising social impact. Through establishing a fundraising strategy informed by market intelligence, it enables small charities to create a customised strategic plan to make the big vision come to life.

If you are a small charity with a big vision, call OKP on 1300 721 199 or email us at to harness the power of engaging fundraising expertise.

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