Six Reasons to Celebrate

It is the nature of what we do at OKP, that we often have reason to celebrate. Working so closely with our clients as we help them achieve their goals, we become very invested in their journey. Their success is our success. So today, I am excited to share with you, just a few of the wins our clients have had in recent weeks.

  1. A client in the education sector has been offered a six-figure donation in response to a eDM campaign we helped them create.
  2. A client in the welfare sector exceeded the visionary target for their Christmas campaign and doubled their direct mail income from the previous year.
  3. A new Australian social venture initiative accelerated to the launch stage with a power workshop and solid strategic plan.
  4. A regional hospital secured its first round of high value prospect appointments.
  5. After putting strong corporate social reasonability governance in place, a national corporate is geared up to launch a $2 million donation program.
  6. Completion of a website redevelopment project means an international charity is now well placed to harvest community donations online.

If you would like to increase the frequency or magnitude of celebrations in your organisation, start by calling OKP. We offer all kinds of support from simple advice through to entire campaign management. Our team approach and tailored solutions maximise opportunities for success while growing the capacity of the organisations to continue building on their achievements.

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