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Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that the 4th Invictus Games is about to begin in Sydney.  While it undoubtedly an inspiring sporting event, the main reason the Invictus Games has gained so much attention, is the involvement of its patron Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex.

The level of press coverage and international community support for the Invictus Games is an excellent case study in the power of finding the right patron for your cause.

Prince Harry’s high profile and international popularity have helped attract media attention and public support for the Games.  His involvement gives the event credibility and elevates its status, making it something people all around the world want to be involved in.  The reason Prince Harry is able to do this and be such an effective patron is because he is so well-respected, relatable and most importantly, personally connected to the cause.  The time that Prince Harry spent in the defence force, allows him to passionately speak about the Games and the support they provide for injured service men and women.

Selecting a patron or ambassador for your cause is a critically important task that should be approached with caution and care.  While the right patron is a valuable asset, the wrong one can be a serious liability. When considering patrons, we recommend you looking for a person, who…

  • Has a high profile and level of public recognition
  • Has an obvious connection to your cause
  • Has the ability to open doors
  • Is popular, relatable and well-respected
  • Is credible, reliable and acts with integrity
  • Is able to help generate or media coverage or bring in donations
  • Is willing to be more than just a figurehead and get actively involved in the organization when required.

Appointing a patron is not an easy task and it can sometimes be wise to seek the assistance of an independent adviser like OKP Philanthropy & Marketing.  We have assisted clients with all parts of the process from identifying and qualifying prospective patrons, to developing patron agreements and preparing new patrons for their role. If you need advice or assistance in appointing a patron, please call us on 1300 958 424 or email

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