Pandemic Proof Grant Seeking Tips

OKP is well-known for helping organisations get more out of their grant seeking efforts.  Even in times of economic downturn, natural disaster, and major world events we have secured big dollars for our clients with the simple approach outlined below…

Cast a broad net – When looking for grant opportunities, take a close look at your funding needs and think outside the box.  For example, a welfare organisation with a creative project, may find funding through an arts focussed grant-maker.

Do your research – Thoroughly researching trusts & foundations and grant opportunities will ensure you don’t miss an application deadline or waste time applying to organisations whose funding priorities don’t match your needs.  Many granting organisations have changed their timing, processes, and funding focus in response to the global pandemic, bushfires and economic uncertainty, so make sure your research is up to date.

Play by the rules – Make sure you follow the correct process for applying and adhere to deadlines and funding request limits.  Include all the information that has been requested and keep to the point when answering questions.

Quality over Quantity – The more carefully you select which trusts and foundations you would like to apply to, the more likely you are to be successful.  Channel your time and energy on preparing a few high-quality, well-researched proposals.

Be clear and compelling – It is important that you are very clear about your funding need and what you hope to achieve.  While there may be hundreds of reasons your project needs support, try and stick to a few of your most compelling key messages. Many trusts and foundations are now applying strict word limits to their applications – so it is important you choose your words carefully.

Get personal – While many trusts and foundations have an online application process, building personal relationships with staff and trustees will increase your chances of success.  Every application should start with a phone call to the organisation you are applying to confirm details and discuss your proposed application.

Seek feedback – Ask someone (or a small group of people) to read through your proposal prior to submitting and give you feedback on the clarity and strength of the proposal (and point out any typos).

There are more grant opportunities out there than you think. Get in touch to find out how OKP can help you find them. 1300 721 799 or

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