Make your first gift this Christmas……it’s the 1st of December

The Berry Street Christmas Appeal is underway, raising much needed funds for Victoria’s most vulnerable children.

Berry Street are committed to ensuring that traumatised children and young people have a safe and secure place to live through foster, kinship and residential care services. Rising levels of family violence, poverty and substance abuse in our community are threatening the safety of children across the state and placing increasing strain on the resources of many charities, including Berry Street. Over the last 10 years Berry Street have helped more than 100,000 children find safe and stable homes, overcome trauma and reach their full potential. Every day there is another heartbreaking story to hear and another frightened, damaged child to help.

This year, Berry Street have set an even more ambitious target than 2015 for their Christmas Appeal, as demand for placing children in foster care is increasing.

Christmas time and the festive season is such an important part of the childhood Berry Street works so tirelessly to preserve. They believe every child needs to be nurtured and given the opportunity to become a happy and healthy adult. With so many children to help and protect, Berry Street cannot face this challenge alone. They rely on the generosity of the community. So, please consider how you can support Berry Street this Christmas and help vulnerable children achieve a brighter future.

OKP is glad to have worked with Berry Street on this Christmas Campaign, and help to raise awareness and much needed funds for this very important issue affecting our society. To make a donation online to the Berry Street Christmas Appeal click here


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