Make it a (Corporate) Match

Matching gifts are a form of corporate giving.  They are a way for companies to support the charitable causes that are important to their stakeholders and establish themselves as socially responsible corporate citizens.

Under a matching gift program, employees make pre-tax donations to a designated charity or charity of their choice which are matched by the employer.  While it is most common that donations are matched dollar for dollar, some corporate organisations have even more generous programs matching at a 2:1 ratio or higher.

Businesses who offer donation matching programs report greater staff engagement, retention, productivity, reputation and social impact.  Their employees appreciate the opportunity to give in

in a simpler and tax-effective way and like the sense of satisfaction they get from working for a company they can be proud of.

For fundraising organisations, matched giving is an effective way to increase support for their cause with minimal extra effort, making matched giving a win-win-win for business, employees and charities.

However, despite the multiple benefits for all involved, matched giving is still only a small proportion of corporate giving in Australia.  Most likely because of the common misconception that matched giving needs to be a corporate led initiative.  This, simply is not true.  There are a number of things fundraising organisations can do to encourage matched giving.  Here are three ways you could help encourage matched giving to your organisation.

Enlist the help of your donors –  It is possible that your organisation already has active donors with access to matched donations.  You just need to educate your donors about matched gifts and let them know how they can find out if their employer has a matched giving program.  You may also wish to provide information that would help donors approach their employers about matching gifts or setting up a workplace giving program.

Promote with donation acknowledgement  Every donation needs to be acknowledged with a thank you letter or receipt, so why not take the opportunity to let donors know how they could potentially double their donation.  It is not very much work to add a couple of lines to your thank-you letter template or a relevant graphic to your email/pop up for online donations.

Reach out to corporate donors Deciding which companies to approach for matching gifts does not need to be a daunting task.  Start by asking the companies and businesses who are already supporting your organisation (or have done in the recent past) if they would be willing to match gifts made by their employees.

If you are interested in exploring matched giving as a new income stream or would like advice on other forms of corporate giving, please feel free to contact us for a confidential chat.

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