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How to create successful long-distance relationships

I was just reading an article about successful long-distance relationships and it struck me that the same tips for making long-distance romantic relationships work, can be applied to donor relationships in a time of social distancing and self-isolation.

Here is what the relationship experts suggest when it comes to helping a long-distance relationship survive and thrive:

  • Make technology your friend
  • Stay connected via social media
  • Have fun sending things via old fashioned snail-mail
  • Communicate regularly and creatively, but not excessively
  • Find ways to demonstrate your feelings and commitment
  • Make plans for when you are together again
  • Find things you can do together even though you are apart
  • Be confident in the strength of your relationship
  • See your separation as an opportunity for growth
  • Have a goal for the relationship in mind
  • Keep busy and don’t put life on hold
  • Be honest, open and truthful
  • Stay positive and hopeful – your time apart can’t last forever

Donor relationship are like romantic ones in many ways. It takes time, commitment, understanding, communication and honesty to become strong, successful and resilient.  Nurturing your donor relationships is critically important right now and OKP Philanthropy & Marketing have the experience and expertise to help. There are numerous articles on the blog providing tips and advice or you may wish to contact us and discuss your organisation’s specific needs. Whether you are looking to adjust your current program or find a new way forward, we’re here to support you.  Get in touch today – 1300 721 799 or


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