How strong is your pitch?

How strong is your sponsorship pitch?

Corporate engagement embraces sponsorship, cause related marketing (CRM), social responsibility /Corporate citizenship, employee giving initiatives, all ventures our firm is accustomed to orchestrating and assessing. Today, we thought we would put the ‘sponsorship pitch’ under the spotlight!

 Companies base their sponsorship decisions on a pragmatic assessment of the sponsorship opportunity with a keen eye to tangible and quantifiable results.  In assessing sponsorship proposals, marketing executives consider how effectively the sponsorship will help:

  • Enhance their corporate image
  • Establish a product’s image/reputation
  • Launch or market a product/service
  • Reach a target market (external and/or internal)
  • Broaden geographic reach
  • Develop a public relations thrust
  • Embrace traditional and digital marketing activities
  • Increase awareness of brand name; or,
  • Help sell product/services

Until you can answer (and answer better than your competitors!), a number of these points our advice is to continue refining your pitch alongside efforts assigned to building relationship with prospective supporters.

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