Happy Easter from OKP

We love Easter for obvious reasons: it is characterised by chocolate and giving. Both produce happy endorphins that make you feel good. While the chocolate will bring you transient sugar induced happiness, giving will keep on giving.

In a scientific study undertaken by app-developer Happify, it was revealed that when you give, your brain’s pleasure and rewards centre lights up in the same way it would when being the recipient of a gift.  Givers get a flood of the hormone oxytocin, promoting feelings of love and trust and making them feel more connected to others.  In the study, two groups of people were given $5 to spend.  One group spent the money on themselves, while the other group spent the money Those who spent the money on other people!

So instead of reaching for the chocolate this Easter, why not consider how else you can achieve your rush of happy hormones? Focus on what you can give this Easter, but don’t be limited to giving hot cross buns and chocolate eggs. Often giving others our time, energy, thought, inspiration or anything that comes from the heart, is much more valuable and appreciated.

Also remember that Easter time is symbolic of new beginnings. This is what the Easter bunny means; he is the guy who represents a new life. The festive holiday allows us time to slow down, connect with our families and reflect. It is a wonderful time for us to think about our new beginnings, it can be a creative project, a new goal or a new campaign to reach the goal.

From the team at OKP, we wish you a Happy Easter and hope that you enjoy some down time with your family and friends.  If you have been inspired by all this talk of giving and new beginnings, give us a call and find out how we can help.  For more information please call on 1300 721 799 or send an email to enquiries@okp.com.au



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