Happy Birthday St Vincent’s Werribee

On Wednesday the 30th of January, St Vincent’s Private Hospital celebrated its 1st Birthday. An exciting milestone for St Vincent’s and Team OKP.

St Vincent’s Private Hospital had a vision to transform healthcare in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne with the creation of a word-class hospital in Werribee.

OKP Philanthropy & Marketing was initially engaged to conduct a Fundraising Feasibility Study and determine whether there was sufficient community interest in the development, and the level of philanthropic support required to warrant the establishment of a Capital Campaign.  The Feasibility Study was a critical first step and a considered investment by St Vincent’s. It gave them confidence to proceed with both the project and a fundraising initiative.

OKP continued on the journey with St Vincent’s in order to build the foundations for a successful Capital Campaign.  The key focus was on developing a campaign plan and establishing a volunteer fundraising campaign committee to open networks and drive forward the campaign.

As the campaign progressed OKP went from being the main driver, to a hands-on coach and eventually a proud mentor, as St Vincent’s confidently took over the reins of their own fundraising efforts.

OKP are very proud of the Campaign strategy and framework that was built, along with the many productive new relationships it helped St Vincent’s to create.  These relationships and business connections not only played an important role in the successful completion of the hospital, they will also support the ongoing development of St Vincent’s Private Hospital Werribee and long-term transformation of healthcare in Melbourne’s Western suburbs.

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