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Ways to Incorporate Online in your Fundraising Strategy 

Online giving is contributing to unprecedented growth for many Australian fundraising organisations and needs to be part of your fundraising strategy.  Recent Giving Trends data suggests that two thirds of organisations raising money online experienced income growth in the last financial year.

We are increasingly approached by fundraisers who are interested in finding out how they can encourage digital giving and maximise support for their cause. So today we bring you our top tips for getting more donations online.

1-Simplify the donation process

Donors choose to give online for the speed and convenience, so will be put off by a donation process that is unnecessarily long, confusing, or difficult. Make sure your donation button in clearly visible on your home page and challenge yourself to create a donation process with the fewest number of steps possible.  It is also important that you minimise the time is takes to complete each step, so ensure you only ask for information that is absolutely necessary.  Actually test and time making a donation to make sure it is as simple as it seems on paper.

2-Be mobile-friendly

Mobile drives around one-third of Internet traffic, so it is critical that your online donation facility is mobile-friendly. To optimise your online fundraising for mobile, your appeal or campaign materials should have easy-to-click links, a streamlined design, and clear, concise text.You also need to remember that many people will be accessing emails from a mobile device too. To make a good first impression, your emails must be readable and usable on a smartphone. That goes for your website, too.

3-Have a strong call to action

Whether directing donors from an email, social media post, blog or web-page, it is important to have a strong call to action that leaves no room for doubt about what you’ve asked them to do. Aim to make your calls to action clear and concise, needs-focused, emotive, and peppered with action words that motivate people to click on that donate button immediately and follow through with a gift.

4-Encourage recurring gifts

Recurring or monthly donors are very valuable.  Not only do they provide regular and predictable income, they are often more generous than your occasional givers. So why not encourage online donors to make their donation a recurring gift. You can do this by ensuring your donation page allows recurring gifts and that it is just as easy to set up as a one-off gift. You will maximise your success by tailoring your online messages to encourage recurring gifts. If you haven’t done so already, moving your recurring donations online will reduce the time and expense for both your organisation and your donors.

5-Create Mini Campaigns

An online mini-campaign driven by email or social media is a great way to encourage repeat giving among your committed donors.  The ideal mini campaign has a fundraising goal that is specific, achievable and urgent. For example an appeal to raise $5,000 in 5 days to purchase food for an emergency relief service. Mini campaigns can already lend themselves to going viral, so encourage donors to share their support on social media.


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