Gambling is for Horses

Australians love to gamble (as evidenced by the estimated $1.5 billion in bets placed over the course of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival).  But gambling is not always fun and games. 

For charities and not for profit organisations, gambling with their limited resources is both risky and irresponsible.  In order to gain support for their cause and maximise fundraising income, organisations must be aware of the risks involved in their fundraising efforts and take steps to mitigate them.  That is why the fundraising feasibility study is such a critically important tool.

Whether you are just starting out, looking to implement a new fundraising program or establish a campaign or event, a Feasibility Study is the most effective was for you to manage the risk associated with your new endeavour.  A Feasibility Study allows you to “test the waters” before you take the plunge and gather vital information that will enable you to advance with confidence.

As well as helping you to calculate risk, a Feasibility Study is an excellent way to engage your stakeholders and take them on your journey.  It can help get a reluctant or cautious leadership over the line or prevent you from making a costly mistake.

Conducting feasibility studies is one of OKP’s core services.  We have been undertaking them on behalf of our clients for more than 25 years and earned an excellent reputation for reports that are insightful, relevant and most importantly honest. In preparing a Feasibility Study we work closely with our clients and their key stakeholders to gather the relevant information which we then combine with an external perspective gained through our Giving Trends research.

If you want to leave gambling for the race-track, call us on 1300 721 799 or email to find out more about conducting a Feasibility Study.

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