Fundraising Power Words

Four Fundraising Power Word to Increase Your Donations. Letter writing is often viewed as a basic skill, but in fundraising it is really more of an art form. It takes natural talent or years or practice to be able to create a truly compelling piece of direct mail. However today I am going to share with you, 4 power words that will help even the very experienced fundraiser advance in the art of fundraising communication.

Without a doubt, the number one power word in your arsenal should be “you”.  A liberal use of the words “you” and “your” ensures that your appeal letter is donor-centric and focused on showing the donor the impact of their support. You want your donors to feel empowered to make a difference and integral to the achievement of your plans.

If you want someone to part with their money, it helps to offer them a reason, making “because”another key power word.  A study by researcher Ellen Langer revealed that 94% of people complied with a request when given a reason, compared to just 60% when no reason was offered.  Interestingly she found that quality of the reason had no impact. The lesson here, incorporate the word “because” in your letter and give the recipient a reason, any reason, for why they should donate.

In this busy world, reminding people to donate “today” is absolutely essential.  Not only does this encourage them to act and prevent your appeal being forgotten, it gives your appeal a sense of urgency and makes donors feel that their immediate response is important.

The last power word, “thank you” is one which we are expected to use and conditioned to hear from a very young age.  An absence of thanks, whether the letter recipient has previously given or not can be perceived as abrupt or entitled. Thanking the letter recipient makes them feel respected and valued.  It can also make them more likely to donate, as they wouldn’t want to disappoint someone with who values and respects them.

The content of your appeal letter has the potential to make or break an appeal, so it can be wise to seek some expert guidance. The team at OKP include a number of experienced and talented writers who can lift your next appeal to new heights.  For more for information call OKP on 1300 721 799 or email us on

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