From Donor to Hero

10 phrases that will make your donors feel integral to your cause

Words are powerful things. Choosing the right words can inspire people to give and build connection to your cause. However, a poor choice of words can alienate donors and make them like little more than a source of funds.

When communicating with donors about your mid-year appeal, it is critical that you demonstrate how important they are to the cause. Your donors should feel like a hero, ready to save the day with the powers they possess.

The most effective way to do this is with communications that are donor-centric. We see many organisations fall into the trap of talking up their credentials in an appeal letter when it is far more compelling for a prospective donor to learn about the difference they can make.

The difference between a donor-centric and organisation-centric appeal letter is often just a few simple, but powerful words. Here we bring you a list of 10 phrases that will help your donors feel like the heroes they are.

1. You have the power to change all that.
2. Without you, we never could have achieved so much.
3. Their future is in your hands.
4. Your donation could be transformational.
5. Children like Olivia are relying on your support.
6. Our achievements are your achievements. We couldn’t do it without you.
7. You may never get to meet the people you are helping, but you will have their eternal gratitude.
8. Please come with us on this journey to transform lives.
9. I know your support will make all the difference.
10. You can help keep that hope/dream/vision alive.

Writing donor communications is both an art and a science.  Did you know that OKP has expert Copywriters on staff?  Whether you need help taking your appeal letter to the next level or creating something from scratch, we can provide services that will accelerate the success of your next appeal.


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