Direct Mail in a Digital Age

Today’s fundraisers have access to more communication channels than ever before. Email, text messaging, online advertising, video, social media platforms and other digital channels offer innovative and engaging ways to interact with donors. So, does the traditional direct mail campaign still have a place in the digital age?

According to industry leaders and the most recent Giving Trends data, the answer is a resounding ‚Äúyes‚ÄĚ. Direct Mail is still considered one of the best ways to attract support, coming just behind Major Gift programs and Personal Approaches on the list of most effective fundraising techniques. Social Media, only just made it in the top 10, and Online Campaigns came in the 11th place on the list.

The evidence is not purely anecdotal, 83% of organisations with a Direct Mail program reported income in line with, or greater than the previous year. This figure has not changed much in the time we have been collecting Giving Trends data, despite the increasing prominence of digital fundraising through that period.

While some see Digital and Direct Mail as competing forces in the attraction of donor dollars, in our experience at OKP, they are in fact complementary. Online engagement carefully, and considerately integrated into a Direct Mail campaign, creates synergy and reaches more people that either method could alone. One excellent example of this is an integrated campaign OKP designed for Melbourne-based child welfare organisation, Berry Street. Digital initiatives propelled promotion of the campaign leading to the acquisition of new donors and an appeal income more than double the previous year.

With tax time just around the corner, you are likely to be planning your next appeal and considering ways you can get more from your efforts. OKP offer a wide range of services in the direct marketing space from strategic advice, through to complete campaign management. For more information about what OKP can do to ensure you Direct Mail program thrives in a Digital age, download a copy of our Direct Marketing service brochure. Click here add link

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